CBCT 3D Imaging

The revolutionary PreXion 3D system provides SIPI with high-resolution X-rays and digital images in our office. When cone beam computerized tomography scanning technology (CBCT) first became available, SIPI was among the first in the world to purchase and install an in-office “i-CAT” CBCT scanner. We have now upgraded to our second-generation CBCT. This technology allows us to plan the entire implant procedure down to the finest detail. 
The technology and design of our in-office CBCT scanner puts advanced in-office imaging within the realm of an expanding universe of our practice, and enables a full continuum of services, from diagnosis to treatment. Powered by superior image reconstruction and volumetric image-rendering technology, PreXion 3D provides sharper images with more information than the traditional dental X-ray unit.

Patient treatment is improved with the powerful computed tomography technology and its precise measurement tools. Accurate dental implant planning and placing, orthodontic documentation and calculation, endodontic canal identification and investigation, and improved general dental imaging are among the many true benefits our 3D scanner delivers.

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